Frequently Asked Questions

Available for girls grade 4 and up. Instruction will be provided. Your troop will be assigned a time slot.

There are boats that will be available to everyone (canoes, paddleboats, and possibly kayaks). Your troop will be assigned a time slot for boating. Consider having the girls bring a towel with them to dry off any splashes. This is NOT a swimming event.

Low & High Challenge Courses
Girls will be hands-on and actively involved in figuring out the challenges of teamwork using the challenge course elements. Action learning at the challenge course is one of the most effective ways for girls to learn the important skill of working on a team. There is an additional fee for these activities and is subject to obtaining facilitators. High challenge course is available only to Cadette/Senior/Ambassador level scouts.
Can I cook at the site?
YES! (But make sure you let me know on your registration form if you do not have a tent camping certified adult with you). Dishes should be washed the Girl Scout way of dunk buckets (see the forms page for dishwashing details). ALL food must be stored in containers (like coolers) safe from animals and NOT where you are sleeping. You should keep in mind that cars can not drive up to the campsites so everything needs to be carried in. Paths can be up a hill and are dirt. I suggest doing things like powdered drinks and "light" food to minimize weight. And of course, all trash needs to be packed out because the dumpsters are down by the cars.

  Camp Runels
 firepits Yes
 available in dining hall
 eating shelter
 pavilions & large tent shelters (some shared)
yes - outdoors;
running water at all sites
wagons to carry equiptment to sites
Camps might have some available. Any wood you don't burn you must bring home with you, and of course you must carry it into the site and possibly back...

Once your girls see others doing a skit, they will not be able to hold themselves back. Doing a skit is a mini play which usually has a punchline. I have to say, however, many times there is no punchline and as an adult it just seems like there is no point. The girls, however, usually like to get up and perform, and historically, the audience is very gracious, giving everyone a big round of applause. You can go online and find one or the girls can make one up. My only request is that you keep it to about 5 minutes. Some troops in the past have instead lead everyone in a song. They can also do nothing if that's what they want, but I think they will feel left out. I suggest they come up with something, and wait till they have seen others, and then decide if they want to do it or not. It is all about having fun - nothing is required!