Encampment 2013


This encampment was in the past.  A good time was had by all!  For specific details about the current encampment, go to the current year's encampment page.

Everyone loved last year’s Easy Encampment, so this year we are going for one better -  a Close-N-Easy encampment.  Bring the girls (and adults) and we will do the hard stuff for you.  There will be 2 options for encampment – sleeping over and daytime only. 

What:  Encampment is an opportunity to experience a large group camp-out event.  It is like a jamboree, only smaller, with girls from Concord and Carlisle only.  Inexperienced girls can come for the day, and experienced campers can come for 1 or 2 nights.

When:  The daytime only event is Saturday, May 11, 2013.  The camping event runs from Friday May 10 – Sunday May 12, 2013 (one or both nights).  Let mom sleep in and you can be home in time for Mother’s Day lunch!  Reservations and payment due Thursday, April 25, 2013.

Where:  Camp Virginia, Bolton MA

Activities:  Everyone can do boating, SWAPS, flag ceremony, campfire (with songs & skits), s’mores, and optional dinner.  Daytime only girls will have some additional activities available, led by older girls. Older girls (grade 4 and up) can arrange for a “Challenge Course-Low”  activity for an additional $ - contact me asap if interested.

Sleeping Over or Day Only Program?   Sleeping over is appropriate for girls already familiar with Girl Scout camping.  Suggested age is 2rd grade and up depending on experience level.  This should NOT be their 1st camping trip. Daytime Only program is appropriate for all younger girls that are not quite ready for sleeping over in a tent.  You can decide how much time is appropriate for your troop to attend.

Who can come and sleep over?

Girls already familiar with Girl Scout camping are encouraged to sleep over.  This is not a parent-daughter event and tent space is limited, so troops should only bring the number of adults needed to match the number of girls attending (approximately 2 for the 1st 12 girls, 1 extra per 6 after), and not many more (see Group Camping safety checkpoints online – link below).    Tent space priority will be given to girls.

Signup info:: 

  • Reservation forms and payment due Thursday, April 25, 2013.
  • Cost for the camping overnight (1 or 2 nights) option is $10 per person (girls & adults), which includes sites, boating, campfire & s’mores
  • Cost for the day-only event is $5 per girl which includes boating, campfire & s’mores.
  • Sat night optional dinner is available for overnight and day-only participants for an additional cost of $5 per person (girls & adults).  Reservations required.  Dinner will be prepared and hosted by the older scouts, and is a fund raiser.

 Daytime Only Suggested Itinerary - it's up to you to decide    

  • Troops arrive Saturday morning, you decide the time
  • Sat morning – Exploring the tents and grounds, make SWAPS, activities led by older girls
  • Sat lunch – bag lunches OR make a fire and have an easy cookout of something like hotdogs and s’mores!
  • Sat afternoon – more like Sat morning AND boating (no fee)
  • Sat dinner – leave before dinner or join in for the Encampment dinner, cooked by older girl troop
  • Sat evening – consider leaving after dinner.  You can stay for the encampment campfire with skits & songs, but that could end too late for your girls.

Overnight Suggested Itinerary - it's up to you to decide    

  • Troops arrive Friday eve & everyone brings a bag dinner from home
  • Sat AM breakfast is non-cooking – muffins, bagels, or cereal (maybe have girls bring favorite baked goods/cereals and have a breakfast buffet?)
  • Sat morning – prepare skits & songs for campfire, make SWAPS, exploring
  • Sat lunch – Sandwiches, chips, fruit, cookies
  • Sat afternoon – more like Sat morning AND boating (no fee)
  • Sat dinner – Encampment dinner, cooked by older girl troop
  • Sat evening – Encampment provided campfire and s’mores with your skits & songs
  • Sunday morning – cold breakfast (maybe have each girl bring 1 bag of cereal and do a cereal mix-up buffet?), pack up and be home in time for Mother’s Day!

Sleeping Over  - Details

  • Sites have Platform Tents with cots and mattresses (5 per tent)
  • Refrigeration, running water, fire pits, picnic tables, shared eating shelters (with lights), and flush toilets (new this year!)
  • We will match up 1st aid certified and camping certified troops so it is possible to go if you don’t have adults with those certifications
  • It is possible to do this with NO COOKING/NO FIRE on your part, so you can focus on the other fun things without extra work

Links for more information

  • Camping safety checkpoints: http://www.girlscoutseasternmass.org/forms/Group_Camping_Safety_Activity_Checkpoints.pdf
  • Camp Virginia:     http://www.girlscoutseasternmass.org/aboutus/property-details.html?id=6748 

 Next Steps to MAKE IT HAPPEN

  • Contact your girls and get them to commit
  • Get your adults to commit
  • Send in the reservation form with your payment – cash or check made out to “CC Girl Scouts”.  Mail to:   95 Central St, Concord, MA  01742
  • Reservation deadline is Thursday, April 25, 2013, but space is limited so slots will given in the order they are received in.
  • Collect your $, permission slips, and encampment health forms (available on our website http://www.ccgirlscouts.org/home/encampment ).   Adults also need health forms, which can be in sealed envelopes.
  • Have at least 1 adult attend the mandatory pre-encampment meeting on Wed May 1 at 7:30 pm at the Scout House
  • Organize your meals
  • Fill out a troop attendance form to bring with you
  • Come to encampment with troop attendance form and health forms in hand, and let the fun begin!





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