Wrap Up Steps

Here is LOTS of important info about the rest of the cookie sale. Use it for your reference, and look at it before you send us your questions.  If you can't find the answer to your question below, send the question to heidiwebster@verizon.net or hmlegault@yahoo.com


This page includes:

  • Important Dates  for the wrap up of the cookie sale
  • Assigning cookie booth cookies to girls
  • Recognitions  for the girls – how to get them
  • Paying for the cookies – how to do it


The current cookie sale is nearing the end and the following is the timeline of what needs to occur and by when:

  • March 10      Final amount due for your cookies will be calculated in SNAP (If you sold more, you can keep more!) 
  • MARCH 10    Cookie Cupboards close - final day to exchange full cases
  • MARCH 8      Deadline for transferring cookies to or from another troop.
  • MARCH 8  (10pm)      All box assignments to girls must be complete so recognitions can be calculated.  T-shirt size and other prize choices must be entered into system.  SNAP Database closes down at 10 PM.
  • MARCH 11-March 15  Sell Down – cookies can be bought for $30 a case ( $18 per case profit! ), cash and carry.  See http://www.girlscoutseasternmass.org/forms/Selldown.pdf   for more info
  •  Late April                   Recognitions Arrive!


Payment – due by  March 10

If you have not already done so, you should be collecting the cookie money from your girls and depositing it into your troop bank account.  If you want, the SNAP system will generate individual girl invoice/receipts.  To get these, go to the Reports page and select the  Girl Balance Summary report.

The preferred way to pay is to do so thru the Girl Scout online payment system.  Payments can also be made by money order, certified check or a GSEM validated deposit slip, which need to be received  at Council offices by the deadline of March 10.

The best thing to do is to  set up a login to the Girl Scout payment system now.  All you need to have to do this is your bank info from a troop check, so do this soon and don’t wait till the night the payment is due.   See the section below on how to set this up.

On March 8, the final amount due for your cookies will be re-calculated in SNAP.  Troops that have a per girl average of selling 120 or more boxes will earn more money per box, and that will be reflected in a reduced amount due in the SNAP reports on that date. 

To see what your troop owes

1)      In SNAP click “Reports”.  In the Popular Reports box, select the “Troop Balance Summary”  report

2)      For Unit of Measure select “packages”, and then press View Report. 

3)      This will show you all your order  for town delivery, cookie  cupboards, and any transfers that may have been done (like those done for the Roundup).  Note: Your balance will only be correct if all of your cupboard payments are up to date.  This report will show what the troop profits and money owed to council amounts.

Your balance owed is the last amount shown on the page, under the heading Amount.


Setting Up Online Payment – do this in advance, right now would be good

1)       Go to  https://emass.gsachonline.com

2)      Click the “Log In” button

3)      Click “Create Account”

4)      Enter your “Name”, “E-mail Address”, “Password”, “Phone Number”

5)      You will get a box saying you will received an email to confirm you are entered.  Check your Junk mail box.  It will come in from CookiePayments@GirlScoutsEasternMass.org 

6)      Click Manage Profile if it doesn’t automatically take you there.

7)      Under Troop Bank Information do the click where it says  “click here to add new one”.

8)      Enter your “Troop Number”, “Routing Number”, and “Account Number” – all this information is REQUIRED!  This info is on your troop check, or you will need to get this info from your troop treasurer.

9)      Click “Submit”

10)   Click the “X” in the top-right corner to close out of this window; this will return you to the log in



Making an Online Payment

1)      Login to the online payment system at https://emass.gsachonline.com

2)      Click the “Make Payment” button

3)      Click the “Select A Troop“ drop-down box and select the troop for whom you  are making the payment.  All your fields should auto populate, if not just re-enter your banking information here.

4)      Enter the “Payment Amount” – the whole dollars and cents are in two separate boxes

5)      Select what you are “Paying For” – Cupboard Cookies or Town Delivery Cookies

6)      Click “Submit

7)      This will bring up another page verifying your payment and to complete authorization:

8)      Click the checkbox, “I want to review my contact and payment information in Step 2”, if you want to go back for any reason to change your payment

9)      Click the checkbox “I authorize payment”, to activate the “Authorize” button

10)   Click “Authorize” to complete the payment

11)   You will receive a confirmation screen, as well as an email confirming your payment.  Keep  the e-mail as a receipt of payment.   The money will not be taken out of your account immediately, and  it will not show up in SNAP as a payment until it is taken out of your account, so keep track of what you have paid.


Assigning Boxes from Booth Sales And Moving Boxes Around – due by March 7,  10 pm

All cookies sold must be assigned to a girl so she can get the credits for it, and earn recognitions.  The town delivery cookies are automatically assigned based on girl orders.  If you participated in the Service Unit roundup, all adjustments have already been made in SNAP, and appropriately straightened out.   So all that is left for you to do is assign any boxes you sold at booth sales.  You can also shift boxes around between girls if needed to level out prizes if that is your plan.  If you need to shift boxes between different troops, let us know and we can do this for you.  Moving between troops must happen by March 9.

How do you know if you have boxes left to assign?  You can check this out by initiating a transfer.


Doing a Transfer

Note – having a paper listing of what you want the final distribution to look like will be VERY helpful.

1)      Inside SNAP, go to the Cookies Icon and then choose “Transfer Order”. 

2)      In the “Type” field, choose “Troop to Girl Transfer”.  The screen will show you how many boxes are left that need to be assigned to girls.  If you only wanted to look at the count of boxes needing to be assigned, leave the page by hitting Cancel.  To assign boxes to girls, click on the troop in the From box.  Then  fill in how many boxes.  Be ever so carefully aware about the 2 different kinds of transfers.  When you transfer cookies using the “Quantity” box, you are moving the box AND the financial responsibility for the box.  When you transfer cookies using the “Booth” box, you are only moving the credit for box.  The financial responsibility stays with the troop, and will not appear in the girl’s outstanding balance report.  Now select the receiving girl’s name, and hit SAVE. Note, you must SAVE between each girl transfer or the transfer will not happen.

3)      If you select “Girl to Girl Transfer”, you will see how many boxes each girl currently has assigned to her.  To move boxes between girls, click on the girl in the From box, and then fill In the Quantity.  All Girl to Girl transfers move the financial responsibility with the box.  You then must hit SAVE to make the transfer happen.  Note, you must SAVE between each girl transfer or the transfer will not happen.

4)      Finally, click Cancel to leave the page.  Cancel will NOT undo any Saved box transfers.

5)      When in doubt, re-enter the Transfer page and look at what the system says it has assigned.


Recognitions Order– due by March 10,  10 pm

As you are all aware, the girls get recognitions for cookies sold.  To see details of how many boxes are needed per prize, refer to the cookie sale sheets or your cookie documentation.  Some recognitions have a choice associated with them , like a T-shirt size, so you need  to tell the system what you want.  

Keep this in mind - never press Commit.  Ever.  For any reason.  Council will do this for you later on. You will see where this applies soon.

To view an earned list or to order your recognitions, you have to create a recognitions  order .  The tricky part is that you don’t want to save this order until after you have assigned the boxes to the girls and made any adjustments you might want to make.  This is what I suggest you do:

1)      Distribute all your unassigned cookies (booth sales or whatever).  See Assigning Boxes section of this e-mail.

2)      Create a recognitions order.  Do this by going to the Recognitions Icon and selecting  “Create Recognition Order->Main”.   Take notes or print it out.  Do NOT Save or Commit.  Leave the page using Cancel.

3)      Go back and transfer boxes to make any adjustments you want.

        4)      Go back and forth creating a recognition order, canceling out, and doing transfers, until you are good with the recognition order
5) When you are all set with what you see, click on SAVE .  You have now created a recognitions order.  Any additional changes must UPDATE this order and t hen save it again.

If you make any changes to girl box assignments after you have created an order and SAVed it, you will need to UPDATE your order and SAVE it again.  To do this, get to your order by the Manage Orders page you may have to expose the Update by hitting the tiny down arrow to the far right of the Recognitions Order blue bar) and then press Update followed by Save.

Remember, do NOT commit