SNAP Hints & Cookie Roundup

Please be sure to read ALL of this detailed info before you ask questions. 
We need to know about Service Unit roundup for your troop by Friday midnight, Jan 1.  If you finish entering all your girl orders before Friday, please send an e-mail letting us know so we can start processing your order!   Because of the complexity of the  Service Unit Roundup process, we will not be able to change your orders  after 9am on Saturday morning.  If you find you need more cookies, you will have to get them from a booth sale, or in multiples of 12 from one of the cookie cupboards.

Hints for using SNAP to enter orders for Town Delivery

  • The town delivery order is called the Initial Order in SNAP.  Once you log on, you can get at It thru the Cookies Icon, selecting the Initial Order choice or selecting the Manage orders
  • As you get girl orders, enter them into the system.  You don’t have to wait until you have them all to start entering.  Do it as you go so you won’t get caught at the end!
  • SNAP will lock you out of entering this initial order at 10 pm on Friday, Jan 18.  Last year, the system was so busy that evening, it crashed at 7pm.  Don’t wait till the last minute and risk not getting your order submitted, or get frustrated because the system is slow due to heavy traffic.
  • Save periodically as you go so you don’t loose any work.  There is a 25 minute timer  that gets reset every time you do a save.  If you don't save within 25 minutes, you will loose all your work.
  • After you save you can make changes,  as many times as you want .
  • Do not hit commit.  All you need to do is save.  I will do the commit for you.  If you do hit Commit, you won’t be able to change anything.
  • The totals at the bottom of the initial order page get updated when you leave a cell or click save. If you type in a number and have not moved from that cell, the totals will not reflect the change you just made.

Cookie Roundup – Extra Cookies You Will Get

SNAP will automatically round up your order to full cases.  See the line labeled “Extra packages for even cases”.  This is how many extra boxes  of each flavor they are going to send to you that you will need to sell.  You can sell them at a booth sale or have your girls sell them on their own.  You might also be able to trade flavors with another troop.

It will happen unless you do something . . .

You will receive extra roundup cookies unless you proactively do one or more of the steps below.  Since it takes time to handle these roundups, don’t wait till  the last minute, and not when you are too tired.  This can be confusing.

CShare Rounding Method

The easiest way to avoid roundups is to use your CShare (also known as  Cookies for a Cause) cookies, since these aren’t for a specific type.  If you leave them as CShare, Council will deliver them to a charity and they don’t count towards your full case requirement because they are not a specific type.  You can instead choose to have them delivered to you and you distribute them to the cause of your choice.  If you do this, you pick their type, and you can use them as your roundup!

To do this CShare roundup, put all of the girls’ orders into SNAP, just like on their order forms.   You might want to print out your  order now so you have  “before” paperwork.  (Use  the browser print, NOT the SNAP reports). 

Now look at the “Extra packages” line.  This is how many of each flavor cookies you need to move from CShare and assign to a specific flavor for the same girl.  Remember to keep it with the same girl so that she gets the credit, and to also keep a list of which cookies are for donation (keep track of flavor and which girl’s order it comes out of).  Only move over what you need, unless it is in multiples of 12.  You don’t want moved cookies to cause a roundup!
You do this roundup yourself - no need to let us know, because it does not involve the service unit at all. 

Service Unit Roundup Method

If CShare rounding does not remove all your roundup boxes or you don’t want to do it, you can participate in the Service Unit roundup.  If needed you can participate in both the Service Unit roundup and the CShare roundup.  Just do the CShare roundup yourself before the Friday night deadline.  For this roundup, we will remove some cookies from your troop’s order and combine them with other troops to make complete cases.

To participate in the Service Unit roundup, fill in and submit the form below. We must receive this request by midnight Friday night, Jan 18.  Requests will be logged on this page.  If you do not see your troop number on the website and you have submitted a form, contact us immediately.  We will only roundup troops listed below.

Before this Saturday you should print out your order as you have entered it so you know which girls get how many cookies.  Use the browser print, NOT the SNAP reports.   You will need this to distribute your cookies correctly. As part of the Service Unit roundup, we will be mucking with your order, transferring  some cookies out of your girls’ orders and combining them into a separate order.

We will still get the correct cookie count when you at pickup at the Scout House, based on the printout you have, NOT based on what you see in the SNAP system.  Once the actual cookies have been physically distributed, we will then transfer the credits back to your girls so they get credit for the correct amount of cookies they have sold.

Participating in this roundup will not effect the recognitions your girls have earned.  We will make sure of that.